CANClick – For a contactless CAN Bus connection

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Part no: CANClick – For a contactless CAN Bus connection

The CANClick allows CAN enabled devices to be installed without any warranty issues as there is no physical connection to the CAN Bus wiring.

  • 100% non-intrusive technology
  • Safe and reliable reading of CAN Bus data
  • No soldering, wire cutting or crimping
  • No physical wire to wire connections
  • Original wires stays intact
  • Quick installation
  • 12V & 24V compatible

Module Information

Part no: CANClick  Pin assignment
Vin (8-40Vdc)  Pin 1
Ground  Pin 2
CAN Low  Pin 3
CAN High  Pin 4

Contains 1 pc of Molex 3.00 Pitch Micro-fit 3.0 Receptacle Housing, Dual Row, 4 circuits.
4 pcs of Molex Micro-fit 3.0 Crimp Terminal, Female 20-24 AWG

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